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Her life forever changed. A surprise encounter with a monster hunter and a werewolf.

Monster Hunter, Erotica Writer, Either Way, He's the Guy with the Beer

From the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest to the humid swamps of the bayou to the high desert of the Southwest, Martian L. Beast has spent the past thirty years following leads and sightings of half-forgotten creatures throughout North America known as monsters. Each book is lifted from his personal journal, detailing the stories of people just like you and their unforgettable romantic encounters with monsters. Whether you're in search of Sasquatch, a gator man, werewolves, ghosts, or countless other beasties, Martian L. Beast has an erotic tale for you.

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Muff Diving for Monsters - A Campfire Tale

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About Martian L. Beast


Veteran monster hunter Martian L. Beast travels throughout North America, following leads and sightings of creatures that science says don’t exist. 

His books feature the more interesting tales from his journeys, filled with all of the adventure of your favorite B-movie and the hottest monster sex of your most secret fantasies.

With a writing style best described as BEER-BABES-BULLETS, Martian L. Beast presents monster porn in a new light, rounding out hot monster sex with emotional depth. 

Just like a B-movie, each book is filled with some good parts, some great parts, a bit of really bad, with a dash of WTF.

Find his books, including his new series of short story erotica, through all major retailers.